M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount

M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount

Equipping your desk with the proper accessories is paramount for comfortable gaming. As such, we have released the M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount. This double-arm mount attaches directly onto your desk via the included clamp or grommet, saving precious space whether you are working from home or preparing for a marathon gaming session. With three joints and a gas spring in each arm, you can smoothly place the monitors exactly where you need them – be that vertically, tilted towards you, or swivelled to the side. Able to extend as far as 440mm, the M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount will level up your gaming desk. 


The Features of Kolink Dual Monitor Mount M32G9SS at a Glance: 

  • Dual screen monitor mount clamping directly to your desk
  • Two 3-jointed arms with a gas spring
  • Can hold up to two screens between 17” and 32”, each up to 9kg in weight 
  • Ergonomic with advanced swivel, tilt, and rotational angles 
  • Features limiting screws to reduce swivel and avoid obstacles
  • Able to support curved monitors
  • Sleek with a matte black, powder coated finish


Saving You Space 


Desk space will always be premium, playing host to your peripherals, phone, cup of coffee, and more. With the M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount, you can save on space whether you use a freestanding desk or have it pushed flush to the wall. Attaching directly onto your desk, this dual-monitor mount can be affixed using either a clamp or grommet - both of which are included. Plus, by having a short top arm element, your desk’s spatial depth is enhanced, further creating room for your gaming environment.


The arms feature three joints and are equipped with a gas spring for easy height adjustments along with the counterbalance. With the multiple joints, the M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount can be positioned and angled any way you like. Enjoy the ergonomic capabilities as you perfectly align your monitors for gameplay. This function also works great for those working from home or using this mount as part of your creative workstation.


Twist Again


The M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount can be swivelled, rotated, and tilted to fit your exact needs. Starting with the swivel range, these arm mounts can swing through 180° or alternatively capped to 90° via the limit screws, should there be obstacles you want to avoid. With rotation, there are no limits – horizontal, vertical, upside-down – your monitors will be held at whatever orientation you require. Lastly, this mount allows your screens to be titled 45°; in both directions. Every angle has been covered for your comfort.


Additionally, the M32G9SS can be extended out across your desk up to 440mm. This grants you great flexibility with desk configuration and how you approach your battle station. (Or work station!) 


Durable and Highly Compatible 


Manufactured from aluminium, plastic, and steel, the M32G9SS Dual Monitor Mount is highly durable, supporting two monitors up to 9kg in weight. These monitors can be between 17” and 32”, straight or curved. As 9kg is the average weight of a 32” monitor, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a screen to game on.


In addition to this, the M32G9SS Mount is VESA compatible, featuring a Quick Release VESA Plate. Interfacing with either a 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 mount, switching out monitors is incredibly quick and easy. Whether you have different monitors for different needs or are just upgrading, you can dismantle and remount in a matter of minutes. 


Sleek in Style 


With its powder coated finish, the M32G9SS Monitor Mount is an excellent addition to your gaming set up. Matte black in colour, it will seamlessly blend into any aesthetic you have. Plus, with integrated cable management, your desk will remain tidy and a great space to work on. 

Kolink Dual Monitor Mount M32G9SS Specifications: 


Model: M32G9SS-2 Monitor Mount 

Number of Screens: 2 

Mount Type: Gas spring monitor arm 

Materials: Aluminium, Plastic, Steel 

Surface: Powder coated 

Colour: Matte black 

Dimensions (W x D x H):

940mm x 115mm x 610mm, 37” x 4.5” x 24” 

Screen Size: 17” - 32” 

Screen Types: Flat, Curved

Screen Weight Capacity: 1kg to approx. 9kg, 2.2lbs to approx. 19.8lbs 

VESA Compatible: 75 x 75<br> 100 x 100

Tilt Range: +45° - -45° 

Swivel Range: +90° - -90° 

Screen Rotation: +180° - -180° 

Arm Full Extension: 440mm / 17.3” 

Installation: Grommet, Clamp 

Suggested Desktop Thickness:

Clamp: 10mm – 85mm / 0.39” - 3.3”

Grommet: 10mm – 80mm / 0.39” - 3.1” 

Release Plate: Quick Release VESA Plate

Cable Management: Yes